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This sample pack includes 26 harmony samples from my videos as well as all the stems and double tracks for ALL samples. Alongside this sample pack, there is a new harmony compilation on Youtube!


Here is a list of samples included in this pack:


A major Happy birthday_60bpm

Bb(9, 11) over Eb (trumpet)_70bpm

Bb7 (b9, #9, #11, #5) over Ab to C

Beautiful progression_70bpm


Chat GPT Progressions

Circle of Fifths

Cmajor maj7 to aug(maj 7)_110bpm

Contiguous dominants

Cool Progression

Crazy Vocal Progression 11.21.2023

Extended Dominant Chains

G#7sus4(b9, b13)


Heart and Sadness

Hopeful Progression

Maj7s moving in min 3rds

Mary had a little lamb over harmonized

Modal interchange progression

Sad Progression

Sax Progression

Simple but Nice

Somewhere over the Rainbow in minor

Step resolve

Twinkle Twinkle little star in minor

We wish you a merry christmas

Crazy Harms Sample Pack 8

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